Monday, September 7, 2009

Tofu Rancheros & Other Breakfast Goodies

I've never been one for breakfast. And by breakfast I don't mean the actual meal...the meal itself is a great idea. But I've never been a fan of traditional diner-style breakfast food that is so popular here in North America. I just find that my stomach can't handle the heaviness of those kinds of foods that early in the morning.

That being said, I am also a firm believer in breakfast being the most important meal of the day, particularly for those who (like me) have blood sugar issues and turn into raving lunatics around 10am if we haven't ingested anything yet. A bowl of cereal and a couple slices of fruit go a long way in keeping the monster at bay.

I'd imagine a lot of people skip out on breakfast because an extra 10 minutes of sleep is so much more appealing than eating (food or sleep...gah, it's always such a tough call because I love to eat but I am also notoriously lazy and sleeping makes the top 3 list of favourite pastimes). My lacking interest in breakfast has nothing to do with a shortage of of the perks of being a grad student (the only one, perhaps?) is that I really have nowhere to be most mornings and conduct business in pajamas from the comfort of my home office (or when I'm feeling REALLY bed via my laptop). So, if I really wanted to get fancy I could..I'm just not into the whole breakfast thing.

Paul, however, loves loves loves diner-style breakfast food and is probably something he misses as a newbie vegetarian. However, I don't really believe in missing things as a veg and with all of the modern vegan inventions there really is no NEED to miss anything. I don't like to play the "let's make something that tastes like _______" because it usually means the meal is laden with highly-processed pseudo meats and cheeses. Further, there are so many awesome things that are vegan naturally that you miss out on when you play the game that way. However, I must admit I get a little high off veganizing things and have yet to find something I couldn't replicate in some delicious way.

So you'll imagine my surprise when I learned that tofu can be made to taste like scrambled eggs.

scramble scramble!

It is possible that they don't actually taste like scrambled eggs, because quite frankly I cannot for the life of me remember what they taste like. Who cares anyway, the tofu version tastes awesome.

To make these wraps, I followed the recipe in Vegan Express and Nava has you coat the diced tofu in cornmeal before throwing it in the pan. Altogether now .. NOMMMMM.

The veggies are done up in salsa and crushed tomatoes and I also used a fair bit of extra hot cayenne to get the party started right. Nava doesn't call for them, but Paul really loves tofurky breakfast links and since we were being a bit indulgent on a lazy long weekend morning, I threw them in too.

She says to use corn tortillas but I always use Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas because they have so much more nutritional value.

Paul also made french toast using 12-grain bread, arrowroot powder and rice milk and topped them with a bit of maple syrup bottled close to home (southern Ontario, ftw!).

And let's not forget the simple extravagance of a fresh fruit salad. I don't really get why people toss their fruit salads with a sauce/cream/sugar of some sort ... fruit is so refreshing on its own I find that you lose something when you start adding things to it.

I've not been the easiest person to live with for the last couple of weeks, so i think this spread won me some brownie points with the hubby. And it appears I may be coming around to the whole breakfast thing...we might even make it a Sunday morning tradition.


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