Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vegan Adventures in Los Angeles - Part Two: Doomie's Home Cookin' (Hollywood, CA)

I honestly don't even know where to start.

Visiting Doomie's was one of the most insane experiences of my little vegan life. In my nearly four years of a veg-based diet I have never encountered a dining incident quite like this one.

Never at a loss for words, Doomie's rendered even this blogging motormouth speechless.

The reasons that people adopt a vegan diet are numerous. What differentiates vegans from strict vegetarians is not just an abstinence from all animal product and by-product, but a passion for animal advocacy and a desire to bring an end to the exploitation of all living creatures.

Mainstream media tend to focus on the health and nutritional aspect of veganism and so the general public tends to view us as waif salad eaters, dismissing the vegan diet as "boring", "monotonous", or "too restrictive". I think our cause loses a lot of well-intentioned and compassionate folks because they think they will have to give up their tried and true favourite foods.

Enter Doomie's Home Cookin' in Hollywood, California.

Because the truth of the matter is that a lot of us vegans are not somehow above junk food. Most of us, of course, care about our well-being and in our everyday lives focus on the core of veganism: VEGetables. With that being said, a great many of us also love to indulge just as much as we did as omnivores. We have salt cravings and sweettooths and we will sometimes walk a mile and a half in an unfamiliar city just because we heard about someone offering up vegan cupcakes (a ThisIsVegan.com True Story: circa New York City, Summer 2008).

Doomie's focuses on these indulgences. On these cravings based on long-ago memories of foods we grew up on. It provides no calorie information and it spares no decadence. It is single-handedly destroying the "sickly little vegan" stereotype by serving up the foods that we grew up on in a way that will make even the most hardcore omnivores salivate. It's the fried chicken that we ate after church on Sundays and the chili cheeseburger we ate in the all-night diner during university. It is, quite literally "what you've been missin'".

Because there are many of us who went vegan not because we ever stopped liking the taste of meat and cheese, but because we stopped being okay with the abuse and exploitation that went along with that taste.

Doomie's is for us.

Jalapeno Poppers.
My in-laws host a Christmas Eve party every year. I first attended when I was 16-years-old and Paul and I just started dating and it was there that I tried a jalapeno popper for the first time. From that moment on, poppers became synonymous with Christmas for me. When I went vegan I knew they would no longer be a convenient reality for me and I was okay with that.
But thanks Doomie's, for bringing back some great memories.

Philly Cheesesteak
I've never had a meat-based philly cheesesteak so I can't comment on it - but Paul gives it the Authenticity Seal of Approval.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
When I was in university, we spent every Sunday afternoon at this restaurant called Moose (sobering up from the night before, most likely). And every Sunday I ordered their spicy chicken sandwich. And then I went vegetarian and it was all over and I can't tell you how cool it was to eat a ridiculously authentic spicy "chicken" sandwich once again all while knowing that nothing had to die in order to satisfy my craving.

As you can tell, we were so stuffed from our other L.A. foodie exploits that we chose the fruit option for our side. Back here in Kitchener, my stomach rumbling as I near the end of a workday, all I can think about is this sandwich with a side of fries. Remind me again why I don't live in southern California?

But before I go, the piece de resistance.....


For all my agnostic banterings, it turns out there actually is a God.

Doomie's Home Cookin'
1253 N. Vine Street #9
Hollywood, CA 90038
(714) 883-7657
Hours: Tues-Sun, 12pm to 10pm


Meg said...

this looks and sounds AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

You've given me two new goals for my next visit to my grown up chicklets in L.A.
One of my kids is vegan, one used to be but is currently following a more relaxed diet than she grew up on but is very vegan aware and vegan friendly.
There are several vegan restaurants that I already LOVE in LA. Have you been to Truly Vegan or Hugos?
Hugos is not strictly vegan, so turns out to be a good place to go with my son's fiancee (who is also not strictly vegan).
Anyhow, just one more thing...
If you are ever in Eugene, Oregon, there is a vegan cupcake cafe....
They do have milk on the premises for non vegan coffee, but all baking is strictly vegan. And the cupcakes are "Divine!" They always have two or three gluten free options as well
The place is called Divine Cupcake:


Bliss Doubt said...

Mary, you are so funny. Love the green nail polish. Food looks infreakingcredible.

couponsforzipcodes said...

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Mary said...

Meg - it really was, it was the coolest vegan experience I've ever had!

Anon - I haven't been to Truly Vegan or Hugo's...unfortunately we were only there for three days and there was only so much eating we could do! We are hoping to go back someday and try all the things we didn't get a chance to. I've also heard about Oregon being a great vegan foodie experience...we will have to add to it to the bucket list!

Bliss - Thanks! I was so excited to find green polish that was vegan, I just had to buy it ;)

Coupons - Thanks! I really enjoy writing about all the great food we ate!

vegan.in.brighton said...

Oh My God! I need to go to LA right now!

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