Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arabesque Cafe, Kitchener

It's rare that I succumb to the mighty telephone at the dinner hour.

But some days...they just call for takeout.

We went with Arabesque Cafe, a Lebanese restaurant close to home. There are very few vegan things there. But what they have is so good that it keeps us coming back. Even though we have to order the exact same thing every time.

I've always been a creature of habit, anyway.

Baba Ghanoush (from the menu: eggplant, parsley and tomatoes mixed with lemon and garlic and topped with pomegranate sauce) with fresh baked pita bread.

Falafel Plate (from the menu: vegetarian patty made from chickpeas and fava beans, with salad, hummus and fries)

Arabesque Cafe
869 Victoria St. North
Kitchener, Ontario


weezee said...

you should do everything in your power to exclude chains.

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