Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Pupcake

We celebrated our dog Dora's 6th birthday a few days ago, with a homemade vegan pupcake featuring two of her favourite things: peanut butter and apples. She will go cross-eyed over the prospect of both. When you put them together, she will seriously consider ripping your head off for a bite.

Good luck trying to get her to sit still enough for a nice birthday picture with the pupcake - it was borderline cruel, so we decided to just let her go for it. I have tortured her with photo opportunities for all of the nearly six years that she's lived with us - she deserves a break!

The recipe for this pupcake comes from Spoonful of Sugarfree. We just cut the quantities way, way down and made two little pupcakes for her. Her treats usually consist of spoonfuls of pumpkin and apple chunks - she was so excited at the prospect of getting something so fancy.

Dora's situation is a complicated one. You may recall that back in July we almost lost her to Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. While we have managed to get that under control, her health is still in a very questionable state. Her doctors have been working tirelessly to help her, but it is a very likely possibility that this birthday may be her last.

Destroyed doesn't even begin to describe the state we have been in since learning this information. But we are trying to be optimistic and are filling our days with lots of doggy cuddles, kisses on the snout and games of ball in the backyard.

And of course, a birthday pupcake fit for a queen.


Bliss Doubt said...

What a sweetie, posing so nicely in her birthday tiara.

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