Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black Bean Dream Soup

The last few days have been rough. Comfort food to the rescue!

Last night, Paul made this black bean soup using a recipe found in CalciYum by Rachelle and David Bronfman. First released in 1998, it sadly looks like it's not in print anymore. I have spotted a couple used copies being sold privately on Amazon and eBay, but it looks like mass production of it has ceased.


janet @ the taste space said...

This looks great and definitely filled with calcium-rich veggies! I think you have a typo though: 1/2 cup dried thyme?

Mary said...

You're so right! Gosh I'm so bad for that, a couple weeks ago I posted a recipe and said to put 2 cups of garlic into it. Man! I proofread but for some reason I always miss the measurements!

Kim said...

Hmmm can't wait to try this. I love it doesn't look intimidating to make and will be great on a cold/rainy day. And I never used to like bok choy & I'm in love with it all of a sudden (must be something to do with working at Lotus Tea House & all the bok choy there haha)

Mary said...

Kim - I'm so obsessed with bok choy lately, I just find that decent quality bok choy is so hard to come by! Sadly it always seems to be half wilted by the time I get it home.

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