Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

We celebrate Halloween the exact same way every single year. Two weeks of horror movie marathons and then a costume-fueled dance party with our friends the Saturday before the big day. We gather at our place for drinks and snacks and then head off to Starlight for what is for sure the best Halloween party in Kitchener-Waterloo. Every year tops the one before it!

This year we drank Sewer Punch out of a pumpkin punch bowl...

...and ate super salty roasted pumpkin seeds, vegan candy and pretzels...

...and cupcakes too, of course!

I was Raggedy Ann...

...and Paul was Tobias Funke of Arrested Development fame!

Our friends had super cute costumes as well, and we danced the night away, first in my kitchen and then at Starlight!

And with the end of this entry I also find myself at the end of Vegan Month of Food 2011! 31 days straight of new recipes and blog posts and I am exhausted. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off, with October being the busiest month of the year for us and then halfway through having received heartbreaking news about our dog that pretty much took over my brain from that point forward. Mofo has been a fun learning experience and I've found so many new recipes that are destined to become favourites, but for now I miss cooking my old favourites. As a result, I think I'm going to rub my eyes, crack my knuckles, turn off the computer and head back out into the world of three-dimensional people. A mini-hiatus is in order, but don't worry, I'll be back soon!

5 comments: said...

Your party looks amazing & your pumpkins are the best!

Kim said...

I love hallowe'en as much as you do I think, it's by far my favourite "holiday". Sounds like you guys had a great night =)
Love the costumes. And Paul is amazing at carving pumpkins - wow!

And thanks for doing the mofo - you rock! I can only imagine how time consuming it must have been, I definitely appreciate it & have been trying some of the recipes out and loving them!

Giselle said...

I completely nerded out when I saw Paul's Tobias costume. I heart 'Arrested Development' so much.

P.S. those cupcakes look fabulous, and are making me jealous.

Jenny said...

Fun Halloween party! You won my giveaway for Appetite for Reduction. Email me your address, and I'll get it to ya!
changchang75 @ gmail dot com

:) Jenny

Mary said...

Brighton - Thank you!

Kim - We tend to be holiday freaks all around...doesn't matter which holiday...but it always looks like the holiday threw up all over our house. Mofo was overwhelming but a really great learning experience, and I've come in contact with so many great people because of it. Thanks so much for reading and for all your support!

Giselle - We love Arrested Development too!! I'm trying to convince Paul to bring Tobias back for the movie premiere, hee hee.

Jenny - I can't believe I won! That's amazing! I just sent my address to you. Thanks so much!

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