Saturday, October 29, 2011

Potato and Eggplant Bake

I'm currently in the throes of making treats and halloween-ifying our humble abode for tonight's ghoulish festivities, so I'm afraid this won't be much of a post. Forgive me.

This is what we had for dinner last night.

Eggplants are pretty much the cutest item in the produce aisle. They are so cute that I actually considered being one for Halloween this year. As cute as they are, I kind of don't like how they taste. Unless they are fried. But isn't everything more delicious when it's fried?

Between this and my hatred for salads, they just might revoke my membership to Club Vegan.

I'm trying to eat more of things I don't like in hopes that I eventually develop a like for them. After all, there was a time when I hated cinnamon, broccoli and quinoa. And now these three things seem to make up the bulk of my diet.

I still can't get used to eggplant. Or cauliflower. Or mushrooms. But just like I learned to like quinoa, I have hope that I will learn to like them too.

This dish was a pretty good start. It has a very mellow taste to it, so I ended up adding some hot sauce and pepper flakes just before serving. When I make it again I'll put both right into the potatoes while mashing them. Either way, a pretty great meal, especially when combined with a side of garlic toast!

Recipe is from Fresh and Fast Vegan and you can find it online here.


Sarina said...

I've been enjoying your daily posts for Vegan Mofo.
Thanks for all your work!

vimwac said...

I totally hear you. Egg plants are something I've never really enjoyed.

Joey said...

Everything does taste better when it's fried - that's a fact! But stick with the eggplant - and give it a go in baba ganoush. You'll be best mates before you know it.

Mary said...

Sarina - Thanks for the support!!

Vimwac - I'm trying to learn to like them, but the sponginess grosses me out every time!

Joey - This is true! And baba ganoush is definitely one of the eggplant dishes I can tolerate. I think it's because the texture is less spongy that way.

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