Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 Round-Up

On Thanksgiving, we like our turkey alive and as far away from our kitchen as possible. Just like every other day of the year.

I do not endorse the murders of millions of turkeys but I do appreciate the underlying spirit of gluttony characteristic of Thanksgiving and it is something we continue to participate in as vegans. Without the murder, obviously.

And gluttons we were. Starting on Sunday, when we continued the yearly M&P Thanksgiving Feast tradition where we spend the day watching all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes while cooking a big dinner.

We've made a seitan roast for every Thanksgiving and Christmas since I discovered how to do it two years ago. Steamed and then rubbed down with vegan butter or olive oil and poultry seasoning and then baked to a crisp for a half hour or so. Yum!

Over the last few years I have tried out so many stuffing recipes. None of them were particularly bad, but none of them had that soul-warming "I'm going to make this every Thanksgiving until the day I die" feel to them either. At the suggestion of Willie from Until We Eat Again this year's stuffing recipe was courtesy of Susan V at Fat Free Vegan. And I'm going to make it every single Thanksgiving until I die. If you make it, please take her up on the walnuts option - best part of the whole thing!

With another round of Vegan Diner's crack gravy and some garlic-rosemary potatoes, we had ourselves quite the Thanksgiving feast on Sunday night. Holiday dinners are so hilarious. They are the most glorious thing on the planet but somehow they always look like total crap in pictures.

Sunday night's dessert was pumpkin pie, obviously. I normally make pumpkin cheezecake, but Paul wanted traditional this year. Traditional demands a dollop of whipped cream. Which stressed me out a little bit, because in my three and a half years as a vegan I've never made vegan whipped cream.

Turns out there are premade vegan whipped cream options here in Kitchener! I found this at Full Circle Foods downtown. I love that it contains no soy. Love!

Now. As if that meal didn't leave us with enough leftovers to last us well into the second coming, on Monday we went to a Thanksgiving lunch at my parents' house. Where my mom always makes enough food for an army of starving vegans, even though there are just two of us.

We had:

Eggplant lasagna

Mango salad

Green bean casserole with mushrooms and fried onions, also from Fat Free Vegan. I feel like I need to send Susan V a gift to thank her for making our holidays so delicious!

Vegan ham and Daiya mozzarella rolls, which are my mom's own creation and which I will eventually post a recipe for.

Look at all that food, plus some standard issue gnocchi with red peppers that she also made and I forgot to take a picture of at lunch (this here is my 8pm leftovers plate).

And for dessert, a Maple-Pecan pie from The PPK.

I didn't just push the barrier of acceptable levels of self-abuse this weekend. I picked it up and snapped it in half across my knee. I feel terrible today, for the record, so don't anyone dare try and tell me that drinking that much beer and eating that much fried food isn't harmful. Time to get back on track, although we do still have one more weekend of Oktoberfest to go...


Jen said...

Good Lord, I just creamed myself.

Monica said...

Those... those ham and Daiya rolls... I'm at a loss for words!

Brittany Boersma said...

WOW!!!!!!! haha that all looks incredible.

LittleDanielle. said...

You can also make kick-butt (and super cheap) whipped cream out of coconut milk! Don't shake the container you buy it in, skim the coconut cream that has developed at the surface of the milk, add a little sugar, add a little vanilla extract, and whip it all up! I'm also bound and determined to figure out coconut meringue :)

C said...

This looks really, really delicious. I am going to try that seitan roast anytime soon, maybe for Christmas. Too bad we have no real equivalent for Thanksgiving in Austria... anything that has to to do with beer, stuffing and deep-fried food is a holiday worth celebrating.
By the way, I checked out your Oktoberfest post, and it looks like a lot of fun. Truth to be told, I've never been to the original Oktoberfest, although I leave 1 1/2 hours away from Munich. I'm not sure why, it just sounds so exhausting staying at the Festhallen all day long.. Maybe next year.

Jenny said...

There's just something about Thanksgiving food, isn't there? I like your Friends tradition; I may do that this year.

Joyfulgirl415 said...

That all looks soooo good!!! I have to make that roast. HAVE TO!

The Tofu Princess said...

Both meals look fantastic, Mary! I love that your mom is such an inventor.

Mary said...

Jen - LOL!

Monica - I will hopefully get the recipe up sometime soon!

Brittany - Thanks! I'm still so full from it all, I've been living on smoothies the last couple days!

LittleDanielle - awesome tip! Thanks! I think this one has a coconut milk base too, but it would definitely be more cost effective to make it myself.

C - One of my dreams is to visit the Munich Oktoberfest! You are so right about it being exhausting though...here you have to go to the festhallen quite early too, makes for a really, really long night.

Jenny - we've been doing it for years...fun way to make the cooking time go faster!

TofuPrincess - It definitely works out well for me that she loves experimenting in the kitchen!

Ashley F. said...

My, my. That spread looks absolutely amazing. I will definitely have to try out some of those dishes for Thanksgiving (American). Thanks for the great post!

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